"Let's Romanticize the seemingly mundane moments, too."

or "just because."

Whether it's celebrating a fresh engagement, marking a decade of togetherness, or just savoring life side by side – the snapshots you share with your special someone are truly invaluable.

From the grand occasions to the seemingly ordinary daily moments – each one holds a unique place in your memories, and I'm here to capture those moments for you to hold onto. 

With over 5 years of expertise in capturing couples (engagements, anniversaries, weddings, and more), I can honestly say that documenting the stories of couples remains one of my absolute favorite things to photograph.

Capturing and preserving your unique story.

I believe that who you are and how you are together should be reflected in the images in your final gallery.

I will always start you with a movement. If you have never been in front of a camera before, it can be intimidating-- TRUST ME, I KNOW, but I am here to help you feel comfortable with your person. I will get you running around, dancing, laughing,  and everything in between.

I want you to be comfortable, because ultimately when you are comfortable with me, that’s when I can truly start to see the real you and THAT is what I want to capture. 

document your story with me

Whether it's a casual evening in the city, an escapade through wildflower meadows or mountain heights, a leisurely walk on a family farm, paddling on your cherished lake, baking a beloved treat, enjoying a glass of wine on your porch as the sun sets, or simply following your everyday morning ritual of grabbing coffee downtown and sitting on your preferred park bench as the sun rises – let's romanticize the ordinary moments.

We'll capture and preserve these memories to revisit on the gloomiest of days.


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Starting at $300

- 1-2 hour options
- An online downloadable + shareable gallery
- Professionally edited + high resolution images
- Printing + sharing rights to all images
- Preview images within 48 hours
- Location guidance + recommendations
- Outfit suggestions
- Good convos, fun times & lots of creativity


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