Hey, let's get real for a moment—photography can be a substantial investment, and you know what? It's totally worth it! Think about it: we're talking about YOUR MOMENTS here! Those memories and milestones that fly by in the blink of an eye (time sure knows how to sneak up on us). The best way to hold on to these precious days? Photos, and I'm not talking about just any pictures—I mean those where you put down the phone and step into the frame!

What grabs my attention? Easy! The ones that aren't perfectly posed but capture the unique stage of life your sweet family is in. That's what I'm all about.

Photographs stand as enduring legacies of your life's journey.

"There literally aren’t enough words to describe the talent that Elisa has. Out of all of the family pictures I have ever had done, these are the first ones that made me tear up when I saw them. She has this amazing gift of capturing the true essence of your family. She’s also so good at making the environment authentic that you really don’t feel like you’re doing a photoshoot. She just acts as this happy shadow capturing the real moments. Praying she is always close by because I will go to no one else for my pictures now!"

- The Rosales

"She's so good at making the envIrOment authentic that you really don't feel like you're doing a photoshoot!"

Savannah + Robert

"Love love loved our photos and time with Elisa! She was so patient with our one year old and put us all at ease! And so many beautiful photos to choose from! ❤️ Book with her ASAP!

- The Webb's

"She was so patient with our one year old & put us all to ease!"

Savannah + Robert

"Elisa did SUCH a phenomenal job with our photo session. I’ve been a big fan of her work for over a year, and I was so excited to finally be able to book her. Her photos have such soul and emotion in them, and she excels at capturing those real moments. She was so friendly and it was easy to be relaxed during the session. She also got the photos back to us very quickly! I 100% recommend her for your photo needs. She will definitely be our go-to photographer! 

- The Yutzy's

"It was easy to be relaxed ... "

P      —      N
what can i epect?
what can i epect?

Embrace the chaos- it’s expected

Children steal the spotlight

Chill atmosphere

Lots of laughs

Occasional tears or grumpiness (& that’s perfectly fine!)

Tissues at the ready

Capturing moments your heart didn’t realize it craved


+ 30-90 minute session options 
+ HD images on a online gallery or USB
+ delivered within 3 weeks 
+ carefully crafted client guide
+ access to professional printing lab
+ outfit style tips & hands on help!

Starting at $429


what can I expect?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help with outfit coordination?

YES YES a thousand times YES! It is actually one of my favorite parts. Full family outfit styling is here if you need it! 

I am worried my child will act out. What happens if it's a disaster and we don't get any pictuers?

Many parents share this common concern before a family session, and I'm here to reassure you. Not every session is a breeze, and that's perfectly fine. Kids can be unpredictable, and I totally get that. I take pride in how swiftly I can connect and build a relationship with little ones. Don't let any worries hold you back from capturing this precious keepsake. I also provide detailed tips and tricks on preparing your children before your family session, which you'll find in your Family Welcome Guide once your deposit is paid.

How do we pick the location?

I've got you sorted! Scouting is an integral part of the ERP experience (there's a lot happening behind the scenes before your session kicks off), and rest assured, your chosen location will be fantastic. I have a range of spots to pick from, considering the weather forecast and the outfits you've chosen – yes, it does make a difference.

Where are you located?

I'm just out of Augusta, Georgia but love to travel all over Georgia for family sessions.