Should we do a first look?

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December 26, 2023

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A “first look” at your wedding is when you see each other in a private moment before the ceremony.

Not sure if a first look is for you? Let’s look at some of the pro’s:

1. Emotional Connection: A first look can be an incredibly emotional and intimate moment, allowing you to connect with your person before the whirlwind of the day. It provides an opportunity to share your feelings and reactions in private.

2. Reduced Nerves: Many couples find that a first look helps ease pre-ceremony nerves. Seeing your love beforehand can calm anxieties and make you feel more relaxed during the ceremony.

3. Time for Portraits: A first look can give you more time for portrait sessions, allowing you to capture beautiful, well-lit photos in a relaxed environment. This can result in better images than the time constraints of a post-ceremony portrait session.

4. Private Moment: It’s one of the few moments during the day where you can be alone together and truly savor the moment without distractions. This can be especially meaningful in the midst of a busy wedding day.

5. Enjoy the Cocktail Hour: By doing a first look, you can participate in your cocktail hour with guests and enjoy more of your own wedding celebration. Without a first look, you might spend a significant portion of the cocktail hour taking photos.

6. Better Lighting: Depending on the timing of your ceremony, a first look often takes place during the daytime, providing natural light that can result in stunning photographs.

7. Time Efficiency: A first look can help create a more streamlined timeline for your wedding day, making it easier to transition from one event to the next without feeling rushed.

8. Flexibility: In case of unexpected delays or bad weather, a first look can offer flexibility in the schedule, allowing you to adapt and still capture beautiful photos.

9. Relieve Anticipation: If you’re both eager to see each other, a first look can relieve the anticipation and make the ceremony experience more enjoyable.

Some variations within a first look:

+ you can give each other a gift or letter.

+ you can do a first “touch” and not see each other

+ you can do a first “touch” and have a prayer together

However, whether to do a first look or not is a highly personal decision.

It’s essential to discuss your preferences with your fiancé and consider what will make your wedding day most special and memorable for both of you.

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